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"Value-Up" SystemSystem

¥54,000 (8% tax included)
Support for acquiring prospective customer information and enhancing promotion
This service is in JAPANESE ONLY.

Exhibitor company-visitor matching service

Obtain highly reliable prospective customer information!
A matching service will be available on the official website, in which prospective visitors will be matched with participating companies that are exhibiting products and technologies corresponding to their particular areas of interest.
* Please note that this system is operated based on requests from companies having particular areas of interest, and therefore does not guarantee matchings of all visitors and exhibitor companies.
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Visitor promotional service for exhibitors with IoT/AI solutions

Lead visitors to your booth by using Iot icons.
Our promotional service will excite visitors’ attention to exhibitors who display solutions based on the following component technologies.
  • Communication technologies/services,
    wireless modules
  • Sensor network technologies
  • Applications, cloud solutions
  • Cyber security
  • Big data service, AI technologies
  • Related software, hardware, solutions
Using Iot icons.

Advanced registration service from your company's website

Acquire information on prospective visitors!
Advance registration of visitors can also be carried out via your company's website. This system allows you to confirm information on visitors registered from your own website. An individual URL will be issued for this purpose. Expand opportunities for business discussions by utilizing this URL in combination with exhibition announcements and sales promotions by e-mail.
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Advertisments (Paid service)Service

Booth Map Advertisment

Booth map shall be included in the guidebook distributed at site. 10 companies can take advantage of this great PR opportunity.

Format 4 color (CMYK), 65mm x 20mm
Rules & Regulations
  • This service is available for LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2018 exhibitors only.
  • Only 10 applications will be accepted, in order of arrival.
  • A single exhibitor may register for maximum two advertisement space.
  • Advertisement must include company name, logo, and booth number.
  • The Secretariat shall decide the allocations of advertisement spaces.
(8% tax included)
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Website Banner Advertisement

Posted sites
  • LTT Top Page
  • LTT Web Guide
  • Visitor pre-registration site
Format Data volume : max 50 KB 3 Color (RGB)
Advertisement Period Until December 31, 2018 from mid of July, 2018
(8% tax included)
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Stock Room Service

Stock room is available based on request.

Format Space: Width 2.97m × Depth 2.97m × Height 2.7m per one stock
Period September 10, 9:00~September 14, 17:00(planned)
Rules and Regulations
  • The Secretariat is not responsible for exhibitors' items in their stock rooms.
  • Smoking and showing exhibits is not allowed in the stock room.
  • The Secretariat allocates the location of the stock room.
  • Number of door is one, regardless of the number of stock rooms.
  • Other equipment (steel shelf etc.) is not included in this service.
  • The Secretariat will inform you of details (location, key delivery time etc.) about 2 weeks before the exhibition period.
(8% tax included)
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