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Show report / The last hall scenery

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Theme Business Innovation in Logistics -Find Your Best Solution Here in Tokyo-
Date & Time September 13th (Tue) - 16th (Fri), 2016 10:00 - 17:00
Exhibition Scale 460 companies / 2,078 booths
(LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2014 : 418companies / 1,701 booths)
Overseas Exhibitors 9 countries / regions, 27 companies / 37 booths
(LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2014 : 9 countries, 26 companies / 34 booths)
U.S.A., India, Netherlands, Korea, Thailand, China, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Visitors () : LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2014
Date Weather Registered Visitors*Number of visitor
from concurrent event
of Entries
13th (Tue)
Rainy /
11,414(9,165) 24,022(20,990)
14th (Wed)
Cloudy 15,963(13,334) 37,662(33,523)
15th (Thu)
Cloudy 17,412(15,038) 42,532(36,607)
16th (Fri)
Cloudy 19,282(17,149) 48,437(41,383)
TOTAL 64,071 *3,115 included(54,686 *3,815 included) 152,653(132,503)

1) Registered visitors is the number of people registered as visitors for this exhibition.
(Once registered, visitors are counted as one-regardless of how many times they come during the exhibition.)

2) The number of visitors who visited this exhibition from concurrent events is counted as the number of registered visitors.
(The concurrent events were: "AUTOID & COMMUNICATION EXPO 2016")

3) The number of Entries is the total number of people who entered the exhibition venue (which was counted using a counting system at the venue entrance).
(The number includes visitors, registered visitors to other events that allow mutual entry, press, exhibition planning committee members, seminar lecturers, personnel from cosponsors, etc.)

Overseas Visitors Registered visitors 1,108 people
(LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2014 : 1,175 people)

TOTAL:22 countries / 2 regions
(LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2014 : 28countries / 2regions)

Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippine, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, United States of America, United Kingdom / Taiwan, Hong Kong

The Last hall scenery

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