“Logis-Tech” Online

October 1 (Fri.), 2021 ~ November 30 (Tue.), 2021(scheduled)

“Logis-Tech” Online

“Logis-Tech” Online
Forum for interaction between visitors and exhibitors, beyond constraints of time or distance

Opening of “Logis-Tech” Online

We will be organizing the “Logis-Tech” Online” as an online service in parallel to the real trade show event. During the show period, we will provide a forum for interaction between visitors and exhibitors, beyond constraints of time or distance.

Besides disseminating information about each company’s products and operations, “Logis-Tech” Online will be streaming archive videos of joint forums and exhibitor presentation seminars at the venue.

We invite companies which have decided to exhibit at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 the 2nd INNOVATION EXPO to exhibit free of charge at the “Logis-Tech” Online.

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Benefits of “Logis-Tech” Online

  • 1. You’ll receive direct inquiries from visitors interested in your company’s products and services.
  • 2. As an exhibitor, you can gather business card information on visitors who are interested in your company and its products.
    Key Point

    You post information on your company’s products and services, and that can lead to real trade negotiations!

  • 3. Your trade negotiations can be linked online to the real trade show
    Key Point

    Before the real trade show starts, you communicate online, then during the event period, you talk at the trade show venue, and afterwards, you continue online!
    Your trade negotiations can link real and online tracks!

Real trade show
Real trade show
Face-to-face product PR
Virtual trade show
Virtual trade show
Online product PR

Three Features
of “Logis-Tech” Online

Feature 1

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Generate communication with visitors
  • ■Exhibitors can register products from their "My Page" and create product pages.
  • ■Exhibitors can receive inquiries from visitors directly through the product page, generating communication.

Feature 2

The online service that delivers Asia’s largest specialist trade shows.
There are exhibitor pages and product pages in both Japanese and English, so you can pitch in all over the Asia and the other area.

“Logis-Tech Tokyo” is the largest specialist trade show in this field in Asia, and the only one in Japan, allowing you to gather the latest information about distribution and logistics. Societal changes make the issues facing distribution and logistics more severe and complicated, creating a need for a new forum for exchanging more information, so this show is attracting interest from around the world.
There are over 100,000 past visitors from Japan and other countries, and we will be actively promoting to them the advantages of using the “Logis-Tech” Online.

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Feature 3

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It will generate points of contact with visitors, not just during the period of the real trade show, but afterwards too.
  • ■The online channel reinforces encounters that happen for just a few days while the real trade show is open. You can also appeal to visitors who were not able to attend the show in person. This method creates negotiation opportunities in combination with real shows.

“Logis-Tech” Online will be held for a period of October 1 (Fri.), 2021 ~ November 30 (Tue.), 2021 (scheduled).