Why Exhibit? / Schedule

Why Exhibit?

One of the biggest Logistics Trade Show in Asia finally starts

Novel coronavirus disease pandemic has still been overwhelming the world and it significantly affects both domestic and international foreign physical distribution.
The EC market keeps expanding. As it expands, we have to keep up with the change and we have to deal with serious labor shortage as well. In addition, the logistics industry is required to have less CO2 emissions and improve the working environment, for example, reducing the burden of long-distance driver. Rebuilding management strategies is what the industry needs to work on.
To achieve manpower-saving, reduction of overstocking, and adjustment of providing cost, the role of physical distribution and DX have been gathering attention.
Under the circumstances, we have decided to hold Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022 to be the first step to create "new normal”. This year, the scale of the exhibition will be the biggest ever in its history. There will be both domestic and overseas logistics companies gather with the latest devises, information system, and services. Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022 is the best platform for those who seek productive meetings, new business, and finding solutions.


Why Japanese Market?

Japanese Logistics Industry Scale

The Logistics Industry is an important part of the Japanese Economy!

24 Trillion Yen (Approx. 4% of GDP in 2017)

2.58 Million People (Approx. 4% of All Industrial Workers in 2018)

It is forecasted to continue the upwards trend in the future even though they have so many problems below to overcome.

A Multitude of Problem to Overcome in Japanese Logistics Industry

COVID-19 Accelerate their Change with No Further Delay!

Visitors are Waiting for your Products and Solutions to Create their “New Normal” after COVID-19‼


Why Logis-Tech Tokyo?

Japan’s Largest Exhibition for Material Handling & Logistics

Logis-Tech Tokyo is organized by the 7 Major Organizations cosist of major leading logistics-related companies as their members and well-known as Japan's Largest and No.1 Exhibition! It also holds "Special Events" and "Forum" that capture the industrial trends and needs timely and attracts powerful & eager visitors!

General Exhibition that Covers Wide Range Exhibit Categories and Visitors from Various Fields!

A Wide Range of Exhibitors, from the companies that have just entered the logistics industry to the leading companies, will take part in this exhibition to exhibit their products & solutions and can meet the Visitors of Various Industries and Occupations. Business talks between exhibitors are also active, and the participation in this exhibiton itself will make the exhibitors better known in the logistics industry. And for the companies that have just entered the logistics industry, they can expect Discoveries and Encounters that will lead to their own growth!

Visitors By Occupation
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Visitors By Position
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Hybrid Exhibition! - Actual & Online -

Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022 will be held in Tokyo Big Sight as an Actual Exhibition from September 13 to 16, 2022 and also will continue as an Online Exhibition on the official website after the exhibition period. The exhibitors can continue to have chances to hold business talks with potential customers regardless of the distance or time.




  • April 28, 2022
    Application Deadline
  • May 31, 2022
    Payment Due Date
  • Mid of June, 2022
    Booth Layout Announcement
  • Mid of August, 2022
    Deadline for order forms for additional services
  • September 10 - 12, 2022
  • September 13 - 16, 2022
    10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi
  • September 16(5 p.m.) - 17(9 a.m.), 2022


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Fill in the Form

Download the application form from the official website and fill in it
(in Bold & Block letters).

Mail the Form to the Organizer

Send the application form to the secretariat by e-mail (logis-tech@jma.or.jp).

Make payment of your Paticipation Fee

Make bank transfer in JAPANESE YEN according to the invoice.
Invoice will be sent to the contact person by e-mail.

  • Note:
    *Applications from companies whose exhibit items are not deemed appropriate to the exhibition may be declined.
  • *In case the application fee is not remitted by due date, application will be cancelled.