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Exhibit Categories

  • Storage Systems & Equipment
    • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Racks, Moving Racks, Rotary Racks, Other
  • Sorting Systems & Equipment
    • Sorters, Other
  • Picking Systems
    • Picking Carts, Digital Picking Systems, Other
  • Transfer Systems
    • Conveyors, Palletizers, Depalletizers, Table Lifters, Cranes, Dock Boards, Chain Hoists, Other
  • Industrial Vehicles
    • Forklifts, Automated Guided Vehicles, Scissor Lifts, Attachments for Forklifts and Cranes, Other
  • Trucks & Specially Equipped Vehicles
    • Trucks, Specially-Equipped Vehicles, Related Equipment/Parts, Other
  • Carriers
    • Carriers, Hand Trucks, Casters, Other
  • Pallets & Containers
    • Pallets, Containers (Transportation/Packaging),
      Load Shifting Prevention Equipment,
      Flexible Containers, Pallet Washing Machines, Other
  • Packaging Systems & Equipment
    • Packaging Materials, Packaging Machines, Packaging Design & Service Other
  • Third-Party Logistics
    • Logistics Solutions, Logistics Consulting, Other
  • Information Systems & Software
    • IC Tags (RFID), Barcodes, ID Systems, Printers, Scanners, Sensors, Labeling Systems, POS Systems, EDI Systems, SCM/SCEM, Order Entry Systems, Arrival/Shipment Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Transportation/Dispatch/Delivery Systems, Operation Control Systems, ERP, Logistics Cost Control Systems, Distribution Processing Support Systems, Management Analysis Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems/ Mobile Communication Systems, Load Matching Systems, Other
  • Engineering & Consulting
    • Logistics Engineering, Integrated Systems, Simulation, Scheduling Systems, Other
  • Storage & Transportation Services
    • Intermodal Transportation Systems, Transportation/Distribution Services, Distribution Processing, Logistics Work Staffing Services, Other
  • Parts for Logistics Equipment
    • Motors, Inverters, Tires, Belts, Transmissions, Bearings, Other
  • Development of/Investment in Logistics Facilities
  • PR for Attraction of Enterprises & Airport/Port/Distribution Park Utilization Promotion
    • PR for Attraction of Enterprises, Airport/Port/Distribution Park Utilization Promotion, Other
  • Logistics Business & Warehouse
    Operation Support Systems & Equipment
    • Safety & Health Products & Service, Operation & Working Environment Improvement, Cleaning & Maintenance Equipment, Other
  • Risk Management
    • Earthquake Proof, Base Isolation and Damping Equipment / Technology, Fall Prevention Instrument, Ground Improving, Earthquake Insurance, Emergency Earthquake Warning Systems, Off-grid Power Systems, Storage Battery, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Temporary Tent & Warehouse, Cloud Environment Building Service, Risk Consulting, Infectious Disease Prevention, Other
  • Publishing & Associations

Expected Visitor Categories

Top management from all industries in Japan and overseas; people in charge of logistics / physical distribution; people responsible for manufacturing / technology, development / design, marketing / research, information systems, sales / planning, purchasing / stocking and people related to governmental organizations, associations, schools, etc.

  • Transportation/Warehousing
  • Retailing/Wholesaling/Distribution
  • General/Precision Machinery
  • Transportation Machinery
  • Electrical/Electronic Equipment
  • Foods
  • Chemicals/Energy
  • Construction/Civil Engineering
  • Steel/Other Metals
  • Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics
  • Pulp/Paper
  • Textiles/Apparel
  • Information/Services
  • Online Sales
  • Publishing
  • Government Agencies/Associations/Schools
  • Overseas Visitors