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Standard Booth (Space Only) *Booth Decoration Fee is Extra.

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Please inquire about exhibition fees.

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Booth size : W 2970mm×D 2970mm×H 2700mm
Facilities Standard Booth
Side and Back Partition Walls
(White Vinyl Finishing Walls, 2.7m in Height)
Booth No. Plate
Electrical Wiring Work for 100V/300W
(Switch [Breaker] with No Outlet)
Carpet ×
(No Carpet)
Booth Decoration ×
(Order "Booth Decoration Plan" if necessary)


Corner Booth (Option)

corner booth image
¥88,000(¥80,000 + 10% consumption tax)

Booth Decoration Plan (Option) *Space Fee*1 is Extra. (Applicants for Standard Booth(s) Only)

  • 1 booth¥157,300(¥143,000 + 10% consumption tax)

    1booth image
  • 2 booths¥223,850(¥203,500 + 10% consumption tax)

    2booths image
  • 3 booths¥326,700(¥297,000 + 10% consumption tax)

    3booths image
Facilities 1 Booth 2 Booths 3 Booths More Than 4 Booths
Side and Back Partition Walls(White, 2,700mm in Height)
Booth No. Plate
Included in Standard Booth Fee Estimate Separately*2
Fascia Board
Company Name on the Fascia Board
System Display Counter
(W 1,000 x D 500 x H 1,000mm)
2 - -
Reception Counter(W 900 x D 450 x H 750mm) - 1 1
Folding Chair 2 3 1
Carpeting 9m2 18m2 27m2
Outlet with 2 Plugs(Japanese Type) 1(100V/880W) 1(100V/760W) 1(100V/640W)
Electrical Wiring Work and Consumption Charge for 1.0kw (100V/Single Phase) 1kW 1kW 1kW
Catalog Stand 1 1 1
Florecent Light 2 4 6
Name Card Holder 1 1 1
Round Table(Φ600㎜) 1 1 -
Wall for Stock Room - 2 2
Lockable Acordion Door - 1 1
Company Name at the Back of Reception - - 1
Meeting Set - - 1
Plant(Large) - - 2
*1 Standard Booth (Space Only) Fee
*2 Please contact the Organizer's official contractor, Kogeisha Co., Ltd.[ ]
Package Display and Rental ItemsPDF Rental Equipment CataloguePDF

Inquiry about Booth Plan &
Lease Furniture

Kogeisha Co.,Ltd. 4F, SK Building, 2-26 Agebacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0824, Japan


Payment Method

Bank Transfer in JAPANESE YEN ONLY

Invoices are issued upon receipt of formal application.
Please make bank transfers according to the invoices.
Please be aware that failure to make payment by the payment deadline will result in cancellation. Japanese Yen is used for all payments.
*Bank transfer fee shall be covered by the applicant.


Booth Layout

The organizers alone shall determine booth layout taking into account previous results (such as number of times of participation in the organizer’s exhibition), number of booths, items to be exhibited, demonstrations, and order in which application is received.


Cancellation by Exhibitor

Exhibitors must pay the cancellation charge in case the application is cancelled by exhibitors.
In case you reduce the booth scale after your application, the equivalent cancellation fee would be charged based on the reduced booth.

FROM the next day of the application deadline TO the day of the announcement of booth layout.
50% of the fee
(excluding tax)
FROM the next day of the announcement of booth layout.
100% of the fee
(excluding tax)